Gambling In Art

The famous paintings portraying gambling

Here is a collection of famous paintings made by known painters in the past that have tried to portray the essence of gambling through art.

gambling-inspired paintings

Many famous painters have tried to represent the life of casinos and gambling in their paintings to show us the perspectives of gambling and the nature of gamblers.

The Cardsharps

A famous painting of two boys trying to win the gamble in their own ways with a spectator who is curious to know who wins.

The Roulette Table

The painting catches the scene of a roulette table in a casino where everyone is busy in the world of gambling, trying to make calculated bets.

Card Players

This painting depicts the life of two men sitting at table playing cards. While one man seems to be older than the other, they share the same interest and seriousness for the game.

Well-Known Gambling Themed Art

Check out which paintings on gambling were auctioned or bought for the highest prices and who is owning them today.

the greatest portrait artists

Find the list for the best artists of all time who have dedicated their time to show us the different sides of gambling through their mastery in different types of arts.

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The Games Every Online Casino Player Will Win On

The internet is dominated by excitement. All players like to win. Some online casino games provide a more chance of winning than others. This type of gaming features a low house edge making it easier to play than casino games. Naturally online games do not use blinking signs for their top paid games. Instead, you should find the best alternative yourself. What online gambling games are best for earning a good amount of money? But let’s talk about the reasons behind online casinos being favoured by many players to win money.

Certain Online Slots

Slot games are considered one of the worse gambling games by far. They were nicknamed “one-armed bandits” because they operated on reels and they could now easily get their money back for free. It is important to know though that slot machines are not necessarily bad. Certain online slots have a house edge comparable to blackjacks and baccarat. The RTP determines the return on investment of a slot machine over a given amount. A slot that has 95 % RTP would theoretically pay 97 cents a spin on a single wager. Slot results usually do not go so well because it’s a volatile game.

Online Baccarat

Baccarat is often referred to by some as an extremely competitive game. It’s been a decade since big Baccarat games were only played at casinos. The large Baccarat games are played on ropes and players need to be dressed according to the dress code. Besides the minimum bet, they range from $50 to $100. Fortunately, online casinos have introduced mini-baccarat. In a land-based gambling game, the Mini version requires a minimum bet of between $5 and $25 to play. You could enjoy the game for even less at online casinos, where most casinos require just a $1 minimum bet.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is viewed as a top-table game with a high house advantage. However, there are no more chances to win. Most brick-and-mortar casinos add unfavourable rules for a house advantage of 2% or higher. There are casinos downtown, where the house edge is 5% to 1.5%. Land-based casinos, however, offer an even bigger casino advantage. Internet Blackjack offers a great chance to win. The online casino does not require payment to operate blackjack tables for the casino. In other words, the games are usually more competitive at a 1% house edge.

Online video poker

Video Poker allows you to win in both online casinos and online casinos in the UK. All venues have 9/6 Jack or better, with a 99.56% player returns or 0.45% house advantage. But the problem with land casino games is that video poker cannot be better. Some casino games are worth visiting if you want more cash back. Online casinos have some alternative video poker options that offer great odds of winning. Here are many variants with high rewards.

Understanding house edge

Most people come to casinos and play games at casinos. However, you have to understand your house edge when trying to make more money from home. The famous saying goes like this: the house always wins. The term refers to the home edges. Usually known as the House Advantage it represents the percentage of revenue made in the land-based casinos by players who have wagered either through a game of blackjack or online slots on an online game. This means that no casino has been cheating on its game results.

Some Secret Strategies and Tips to Beat the Dealer

If you put a little money into the Blackjack circle and face the dealer then you play your highest odds in the room. You can make it yours. And maybe not immediately. If you feared the cards, you battled were simply the cards you had fought for you there will be some other problem here. Combat begins right after you get up there to eat. Blackjack’s main gameplay is getting you to the table. It may seem strange to people, but people need to minimize their chances of winning and maximize their motivation of winning. In reality, snitching is rarely just about the dealer himself.

Manage your bank account

The blackjack tips outlined in this article will give you the most effective chances to win. Despite playing a great hand there is never a guaranteed win. So, how do you control the money and get the most money?? Too often someone just starts betting without setting monetary limits on their bankrolls. Eventually, this causes your problem as a few losses begin and makes it clear that your luck should certainly return soon. If your chances are good, you’d like to put bigger stakes on your chances to avoid losing.

Don’t take insurance

When a dealer displays an ace, the players ask a few questions about their insurance. In effect, a casino will pay 80% less for an initial bet if a player lands a real blackjack whereas a bet would have been more like a push. Insurance can be an efficient way to protect your investment. The real thing to do here is to place side bets on the dealer’s chances of getting natural blackjacks. A Blackjack player will get a natural blackjack at 9: 4. If you lose more than one time a year with your insurer, nine times as often as the other.

Check the number of decks

The rules of blackjack do not specify which cards to use. The typical gambling establishment uses a six- or eight-deck deck. The number and size of a deck can change the odds. The larger the deck, the better chances for achieving natural blackjacks. It’s also good that you have a larger deck of cards which means that counting cards can easily be accomplished – even if you’re not very skilled mathematically in the game. When playing a single deck, you can easily see which cards are still in your deck and how many they’re still in your deck. If playing at a real-world casino it is usually difficult to choose the number of cards used.

Know when to split

The basic strategies portion of the seven rules gives you a basic indication of when you should split the rules. For further increased chances, we will use the ideal blackjack strategy that builds on the rules already seen providing further detail about when the game is split. If you own an ace or 8 it will always be best to get separated, regardless of what dealer’s display. There are six more instances where the split is necessary.

Learn Strategy

Blackjack is 400 years old and many people tried several strategies to learn blackjack secrets to maximize their chances of winning. If you’ll come to the table hoping your talent is natural, you could just give your prize money back to casinos. You’ll also need to learn a few strategies and make basic information available. Basic Strategies teaches you the right decision for each hand and card displayed by a dealer. This basic strategy contains seven key elements for winning.

Know when to Double Down

Perfect blackjack strategies extend the rules on when to increase your strategy to a more effective one. There are many things we need to learn, but a little effort to memorize these rules will significantly increase your chances of beating the dealer. In the first strategy, we found the dealer had a 1-2. We found you need to increase by 10% on the dealer card when there are two- to nine cards. Below you can find 4 additional rules for double-up.

Always double down A-2 through A-7 when the dealers’ up card is A, 5 or 6

When a dealer’s up card is 5 or 6, it can be the most advantageous strategy to win. The range of dealer’s up cards in which you need to double down on the soft 13 or 18 varies depending on whose numbers are used or if game rules are applicable. For example, in the game of a double-deck H17, you could get a 0 or 1.

Always double down on a hard 11

In most cases, a single dealer’s up card wins vs hit in all games. If you’re playing multiple decks games where the rules say if the dealer has to use Soft 17, you’ll be more able to hit the dealer Ace instead.

Understand game variations

Blackjack is a very old, very popular card game. Casinos offer a wide range of variations of blackjack which add a new twist. This can increase the excitement, but it can obstruct the plan. Make sure you know about the new rules. Below are the most common variant and most significant rule updates.

Online Poker Tips from a Tournament Winner

Poker tournaments are currently quite popular and are often regarded as one of the most lucrative forms of gambling. These winners do not use a secret formula and simply use the appropriate methods in the best possible way to achieve success. The best poker tips are provided by the following tournaments to give you the skills to make a successful game. This list of tips can improve the odds of winning your first online or live poker tournament.

Create a distraction-free zone for playing

Many online poker fans find their home as their poker room rather than driving into a gaming centre, just plugging in a laptop on a sofa. So distracting behaviours, as well as watching TV, phone calls etc, can make someone make a mistake by ignoring information that may help them in future situations. A lack of professionalism can lead people to take a very serious interest in playing poker. Creating a quiet environment will make you feel more comfortable playing poker. My usual routine is to work mentally, meditate and work on a positive mindset.

Master the art of Bluffing

You won’t always be handed the most valuable card in the game, so playing bluffs is essential for any winner. If I learn to bluff, I’ll make it harder for myself. Bluffing is a tricky skill even for the best poker players. Fortunately for you, we have created the full, detailed guide to successful bluffing!

Start by playing low-stake poker

It may be a good start for beginner poker players or if you enjoy playing live poker. This is partly because online poker generally has a more challenging opponent than live poker with comparable stakes. Starting low can help educate all new players on online poker and ultimately in the way of gaining the best possible odds. You may also win cash prizes at freeroll competitions with no risk.

Basic Poker Tournament Strategy

Generally speaking in poker tournaments the player must understand fundamental differences between the chip value and their actual value in a given game. It’s easy to conceptualise what will happen to you in a win situation. You can earn all the chips, but only about 20% of all price pools will be used. These results give us information on how to approach tournaments and plan for them. The main principles in tournament poker are based on the belief that each chip will be less than its predecessor. This can also be termed decreasing marginal returns in reality. Tell me the importance of game plans.

Intermediate Poker Tournament Strategy

Short stack plays should take 11 large blinds or lower. In such poker formats, it’s a solved game. If you memorize the range of shooting in each position you’ll play very effectively. It is easiest to use a push fold chart to know which hands will be shoved from where. Push-fold charts are easy for players because they help you learn how to play both ante or without an opponent and it also tells you how the kicking distance is adjusted according to how many opponents are left. Unless extremes arise, I agree with push fold theories that players must always push and fold when under 100 big blinds.

Online Poker Tips from a Tournament Winner

Consider purchasing software

Software programs like Hold’em Manager or Poker Tracker offer a HUD feature, which allows you to track your opponents by comparing their hands in real-time. These data can be accessed immediately by all players who come to the table. Usually, the program has an automatic replay of history. Many poker

sites offer a replay tool but lack the many features of advanced programs. A replay of cash games can help a student learn to play poker. Sit ‘n Go Wizard is a learning tool for tournament players which can help you gain and improve your performance.

Consider making key hardware updates

Playing in the office in an isolated room is best for establishing a professional mindset in a game of online poker. If your back is painful you may need some chair cushions for your back. Another upgrade might be helpful when you aiming to make an online poker win. The use of a large screen with a very high-speed processor reduces eye pressure and increases the ability of multitasking, while a mouse with a very high-speed processor decreases wrist pressure.

Be prepared for bad beats in online poker

The important aspect of online poker is that regular poker table transactions are three times faster compared to live casino games, and internet Zoom table transactions are 10 times faster. The idea is to expect three or 10 times as many bad wins as the usual number of players in a poker online match. All this at an online poker room. If I add multiple devices to this equation, it only gets crazier!

Be careful overplaying hands in the early stages

Try not to become a player that loves his hand. As stacks increase the less willing the competent team member will be to put their whole stack at risk. It is rare that players who have strong hands such as AK preflop and JJ are all in the game and know their opponents can’t be risk-taking with weak hands. AK would therefore have substantial equity advantages if faced with an all-out opponent’s range. Alternatively, you’ll have to do bigger folds such as those shown above for this video.

Top Online Casino Tips To Win Big

If you’re looking for ways to win big at online casinos, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll share some of our top tips and tricks for how to increase your chances of winning when playing casino games online. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, these tips will help put you on the path to success!

How to increase your chances of winning

When looking for a new online casino, there are several factors you should consider. The selection of games available from a provider is probably the most important factor to consider when picking a site, as you want the option to play all of your favourite games! We have all the advice you’ll ever need to start winning now.​

If you think that the time is right to start playing online casino games, then you may be interested in knowing a little bit more about what you can expect from the best gambling sites.

Some sites offer better bonuses, better promotions and more room for comfort, so it’s worth doing some research before making your first deposit. Try something new. An ideal site will have a wide range of games, as well as fair and transparent payouts.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, these tips will help put you on the path to success!

As anyone who’s ever tried their hand at online gambling will know, winning big can be quite the challenge. Always make sure to do your research before choosing an online casino. There are tons of them out there, and not all are created equal.

Take care to read reviews, browse videos, and read testimonials. It’s the best way to figure out which casinos are the best at paying out, and which casinos are the worst.

Are Online Casino Games Fair?

Though it might be tough to get your hands on some of the best online casinos for real money, that’s no reason not to start playing. They’re both fun and good practice for when you eventually do move over to a real money casino.

Some things to keep in mind

Before signing up, look at the roster of available games. If the site has a good selection of slots but lacks table games, it’s probably a good idea to go with another casino.

The same goes for deposit bonuses. Some casinos offer terrific deals on 100 percent or more upfront, while others operate on a tiered system. It all depends on what you’re looking for, so take a look around before deciding.

It’s important to also look at the online casino terms and conditions page. If the site lists changes to the rules that apply to deposit bonuses, you should understand them before getting started.

For example, some bonuses come with requirements for wagering before you can cash out anything. That’s essential information, so make sure you understand it before you proceed with the deposit.

Top Online Casino Tips To Win Big

How to make the most of your money when playing casino games online

You need to know which online casino advice to abide by if you want to get the most out of your money and increase your chances of making more money. The appropriate game selection is one of the most crucial things you can do. Different casino games have different odds, and some have greater odds than others. Slot machines, for instance, typically provide poorer odds than card games like blackjack or poker.

The best online casinos will have no issue with you using Paypal for transactions. If you’re going to gamble online, you’ll need a safe and secure payment method. Paypal is one of the most popular methods.

Most people know that they can use this form of payment on eBay when purchasing an item, but did you know that you can use Paypal to make payments in a casino as well? You don’t even have to have an eBay account to use Paypal!

Play Responsibly

No one wants to know your gambling secrets. As such, casinos offer various levels of play protection. Always make sure that your computer or mobile device can be protected from recording software. If a site offers free software to protect play sessions, it’s best to download and install it before you begin.

Stick to a budget 

Take into account how much risk you are willing to take before you begin playing. Don’t imagine that your finances are limitless. You must be able to identify when to stop.  Keep in mind that virtual money used in online casinos is only a game and not actual cash. So when you are playing at an online casino ensure you gamble on a budget.

You must understand how the odds for these games work if you plan to play any betting games. You can win because of this, which will aid in your decision-making.

Best Blackjack Tips For Beginners

Blackjack is a casino game where you have to be the closest to 21 to win without going over 21. Know how to play before you go into a casino and what to look out for. Knowing the basic strategy can make a big difference because it can help you understand the game better. The basic strategy means mathematically playing. The two things you need to remember are you can see your two cards and one of the dealers. I have 8 tips for beginners starting with; budget, never take insurance, when to split, practice online, check the dealers up card, start small, don’t listen to gambler’s myths and lastly, don’t sit in the first seat.

Having a budget keeps you from overspending and keeping you from losing everything. Knowing what you want to spend, because you know what you can afford to lose. Do not keep taking money out of your wallet, it is not good at all and stays away from ATMs. You don’t want your hard-earned money going to the casinos. Also, never take insurance, because you may not win, your chances of winning are low. Insurance is where you bet if you think the dealer has a 10 in the hole. The payoff is about 2:1, which also means 32:16. It’s not worth it at all unless you are counting cards, but in this case, we are not. Some dealers do not look at their card that’s down and some others do before asking if you want insurance. If they look at their card, pay attention to what they do after like walking around the table fast or standing around working slower. Also, if they ask you fast or slow.

When to split, means having two of the same cards and splitting them and getting two more cards. There are 3 different reasons to split including; aces, eights and lastly, resplitting aces or eights. Also, knowing when not to split too like; tens, fours and fives. Practising online helps you learn how to play and what to do and not to do. Playing online is a lot easier and some games are free, so no spending money. Online playing to start with has many upsides like; not waiting on other players so you can take your time learning and they have great bonuses for new players.

Checking the dealer’s card that is up is important, you can guess what is in their hand. In some cases when players need to win by the dealer busting. Thinking about the hand the dealers have and the possibility of them busting. All you can do is hope you have more and the dealer has less than you. If the dealer has 2-6 it is bad for them, but having 7-Aces is good for them. Starting small, because when you first get to the table or if a new dealer starts, you don’t know if the streaks are hot or cold. Players can be affected by the hot and cold streaks. Knowing the streaks can help you in so many ways.

Don’t listen to the myths of gamblers. You play against the dealer, no one else. The other players don’t mess up your game and their decisions don’t affect your game. No one is on teams and no one but you knows what you have. If you are a beginner you will not want to sit in the first seat. Where you want to sit depends on what you want to focus on. Some people want to see the cards first and others want to see what the dealer has. If you want to pay attention to seeing the cards first sit in the first seat. Wanting to see what the dealer has, they will sit in the third seat. Knowing the best seat to be in will help you a lot because the seating helps you.

Knowing all of these tips will help you be playing like a pro. Make sure you research more because there is always more you would need to know. Taking notes and watching videos will help you learn what you can and can’t do. Make sure you read the rules and practice playing. I hope this helps you with being a beginner or if you are just needing tips. These tips and researching everything is so easy and you get so much information. Make sure you pay attention to if the game is being played with one or more decks of playing cards. You could have more chances to win or less, just depends on if they are using one deck or more than one deck of playing cards. Good luck and I hope you become the best Blackjack player ever and this all helps you become the best when you play at an online casino.

The pokie games that all online casinos must have

Online video pokies are the most popular games found in casinos that draw a lot of players to them every day. These games use animated images to visually appeal to the players making it more interesting through the use of bright graphics. The pokie games are most common in Australia and also New Zealand. Pokie games that most great online casinos have included, Alvano, Immortal Romance, and Twin Spin, Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck, and also Gonzo Quest.

The best online pokie developers include micro gaming which is regarded as the best for over 20 years. Its most famous pokies include Mega Moolah, Avalon, and thunderstruck. NetEnt is another software developer that handles more than 21 million online gaming transactions in over a year. Its games include Starburst, twin spin, and also Gonzo Quest a try. Another popular gaming developer is the Aristocrat, many of the games in this software that are online are digitalized and their examples include Game of Thrones and the walking dead that have licenses from popular shows on Television.

Avalon online slot

This is one of the top online games from micro gaming, a pokie that has an Arthurian legend theme and has many great features including its great visuals and sounds. A player has a chance of winning up to 30,000 coins keeping it more interesting. Instead of the pastel shades, the visuals in the game are basic and embrace the bright primary colors, and it can reward a prize of up to 500x per bet. The special symbols in the game include the Lady of the Lake scatter symbol which serves as the game trigger bonus and two distinct wilds. The wild symbols serve as substitutes for the standard game symbols to produce several wins. The bonus round can master up to $100,000 better wins.

Immortal romance

A micro gaming pokie that comes with an amazing vampire theme. Has with it more than 240 winning ways and a thrilling unconditional love story that is portrayed by the game, all bets are based on a 30 pay line structure that cannot be changed. The game offers huge jackpots with four different types of spins. It is a no download slot game that’s played in your browser and therefore can be played on all mobile devices. An easy game to play as it doesn’t require any special skills by the gambler when spinning the reels.

Twin spin

Links at least two of its five reels together and only the two reels have red lights glowing behind them after they start rolling. The twin reels can also combine themselves into two or more reels in the playing area multiplying the chances of winning for the players. It is a game from NetEnts whose unique features have made it one of the most enjoyable and attractive pokies in most online casinos. The bonus features of this slot include the wilds and unique twin reel features. The absence of the scatter symbol on the game separates the bonus games while the autoplay option favors players because they can spin in a span of 10 and 1000 turns.

Monty Pythons Spamalot slot

This is a pokie that not only makes players rich in money but also in laughter, it makes them happy because of its funny character. It is a game that is true to its material and has a long list of bonus features. It has a progressive jackpot slot with 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The visuals in this game are animated including the lower value playing cards, Sirs Robin, Lancelot and Galahad, and the Lady of the Lake. It has with it the most rewarding of the standard symbols with Arthur the king who awards over 500 coins when a player lands a 5 symbol combination. Many of the fans and players find plenty to like in the slots version of Spamalot.

Mega Moolah

This pokie game is famous for giving players one of the largest payouts in online slots machine history. It is a game from the micro gaming company where millions of players play seeking a common jackpot

Starburst slot review

One of the most popular games at the casinos online. The game comes with five reels that usually burst with lots of brilliance and also winning for the players to take home. The game rewards the players with more than two respins to increase their potential layout. The slot machine is always classic because of its simple designed grid that offers hours of entertainment.

Book of dead

This is one of the easy casino games played by millions of people because one does not need to learn a lot of new information about how the game works and also because of its simply designed layout. It has symbols of Egyptian mummies and gold treasures, having 10 free spin features and no multiplier in play.


This casino game boasts various features that capture the attention of online gamers from different parts of the world. The game maintains a fresh look that is up-to-date because of its greatness in graphics, gameplay, and also animations. Fans receive impeccable bonuses that come in form of wagering credits and free spins that are there to deliver exclusive winnings.

Gonzo Quest

One of the most popular online casino games because of its simplicity in playing. There are seven different stone symbols in this game. The symbol that pays the highest amount pays a maximum of 125x your stake for five on a line. The main character of the game is the avalanche reels feature, and landing the avalanche wins after the other increases a win multiplier up to a maximum of 5xin the base game. When a failure occurs, a spin will reset the multiplier and one will need to land more avalanche wins to increase its gain.


It can be concluded that online gaming casinos are more fun than playing physically in the casinos. At the comfort of your home and the warmth of your couch, you can entertain yourself and earn money at the same time, as long as entertainment is maintained as the primary goal.
The best approach to playing the games is picking a game that you find fun, either you want to play a game for entertainment or to make money, the games are ready and  available. Players should enjoy the big wins when they come but they should not bet more than they can lose.

Why New Zealanders Prefer Online Casinos to Land Based Casinos

With the advent of online casinos, gamblers are all smiles as they now have a convenient way to play casino games. As a New Zealand gambler, playing at online casinos presents you with more benefits than traditional land-based casinos. There are numerous online casino websites you can access to sign in, wager your money and start playing games of your choice. Luckily, the government of New Zealand does not restrict online casinos from entering the market. As long as an online casino is legit, you can feel safe joining and enjoying your time playing poker, table games, slot games, or any other.
On the other hand, land-based casinos may fail to be on the priority list of gamblers in New Zealand. However, you have a lot to enjoy visiting a land-based casino. The experience gained while traveling, sleeping in high-end hotels, free drinks, and playing while being cheered by other punters is breathtaking. But despite all that, there are many benefits online gamblers enjoy compared to playing at traditional land-based casinos. You are looking to know why gamblers prefer online casinos to brick and motor casinos? Let’s get rolling.

The Convenience of Joining and Playing

While playing online games, you can easily access games of your choice in record time. Players in New Zealand are lucky since the government does not restrict gamblers from joining websites from other countries to play online games. A gambler can play any game as long as the online casino is developed and monitored by a reputable software company. You only need to access these casino websites using a mobile device, PC, or desktop at your comfort. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you’d prefer playing online casino games. Let’s say you’re off from work and feel so stressed and tired. You can opt to play the game of your choice in your bedroom before you sleep. You only need to log into your favorite online casino website and pick the game of your choice. This is unlike playing in land-based casinos. Here, you have to prepare a huge bankroll to cater for travel, accommodation in hotels and the food to eat. You also need to travel for more than 6 hours to another country with land-based casinos, since land-based casinos are prohibited in New Zealand. The long journey may inconvenience you.

Selection of Games

Online casino players can enjoy rich libraries of games from hundreds of casino websites available to them. As a New Zealand gambler, you’re not limited to specific games as it happens in brick and motor casinos. If you find that one game doesn’t tickle your fancies, you can choose another from the same casino. Similarly, if one casino doesn’t offer the game of your choice, there are many other online casinos you can log into to enjoy playing. Online casinos will present you with poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, slot games, or any other version you’d prefer.
On the other hand, land-based casinos will limit you to the number of games you can play. You can only find few table games and slot games. Locating where these games are in the room can prove quite a hassle. If you want to play a game of slots, it’ll prove not easy to find out the slot machine of your choice. Also, shifting from one type of game to another means shifting positions.

Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos are much more prevalent among gamblers in New Zealand due to the lucrative bonuses they offer. Since money spent for maintenance and game development is low, they make huge savings and profits that prompt them to give back to their customers and huge sums. There are hundreds of online casinos that are competing against each other. To have a competitive edge, online casinos devise ways to reel in more players and retain the current ones. Players joining new online casinos are offered a welcome bonus and free spins. To maintain current players, online casinos have a lot in store for them in the form of bonuses. They are offered free deposit bonuses, matched-up bonuses, free trials, referral bonuses, and many others. Players can also enjoy rewards such as prizes, free coupons, chances to join competitions in their nearest towns, among others. More so, high-roller players who stick with the casinos are offered VIP statuses that come with so many other perks.
On the other hand, land-based casinos have few bonuses to offer. They have large buildings, slot machines, and tables game to maintain. There are also few land-based casinos available; thus, competition is not stiff. As a result, land-based casinos don’t see the need for more bonuses and promotions since they are assured of customers flowing in numbers.

Payment Options Available

When you want to play in a land-based casino, you need to travel to a different country and change the currencies. When you are out of money in a land-based casino and want to continue playing, you’ll have to move to fetch more money. This is unlike online casinos that offer multiple payment options in various currencies. When you log in, you can use your local currency to deposit money into your account. There are several e-money transfer options in online casinos. You can use banking options such as credit cards, e-wallets, wire transfers, or even cash. These options are easy to use, fast and efficient. They all intend to make online gambling more convenient for their players.

Play for Free or with Low Deposits

Online casinos allow players to play for free before playing for real money. This is an ideal approach for novices who’d like to gain experience playing a given game without risking their money. When a casino introduces a new game, it can offer it for free to make it more popular. Some online casinos offer games at low deposits, thus encouraging even the low rollers to join in and play online games. On the flip side, low rollers have a chance to rake in huge profits if they keep on winning games. However, things are different with land-based casinos. The expense of running a brick and motor casino is significantly high. They have to look for ways to increase their ROI if they have to remain up and run. For example, most land-based casinos will raise their betting limits to ensure customers spend more with them. This discourages many gamblers from playing in land-based casinos.

Availability of Player Support

Online casinos have a support group ready to attend to their customers’ issues. Communication between customers and service providers matters a lot in any business setup. Gamblers may want to reach out to their online casino’s support group to have a few issues settled. Players in New Zealand prefer playing with reputable online casinos that offer 24/7 support. Players will need support when it comes to withdrawing funds, finding a game, finding a bonus offer, understanding terms and conditions, and many other issues. They may not receive quick responses when dealing with land-based casinos. With online casinos, players can access support groups through emails, live chats, or phone calls.


Online casinos are much more popular than land-based casinos. With the digital era, players in New Zealand prefer playing in online casinos to brick and motor casinos. With a mobile device, PC or desktop, gamblers can access any game of their choice at their convenience. Players can enjoy a wide selection of games, lucrative bonuses, and multiple payment methods. Low-rollers can enjoy playing online games or even try games for free to get the hang of it before joining real money casino games. Lastly, online casinos guarantee quick and accessible help from their support groups in case players have queries. The support group will respond in record time to ensure online gamblers enjoy seamless gaming opportunities.

10 Top Tips to Playing at Online Casinos

You pretty much know how online casino games work. You might have even read the rules, and you have a couple of strategies in mind. Unfortunately, casino gaming is much like playing football, unless you get out there and play, you aren’t going to learn the game. Here are some top tips to help you practice and learn how to win at online casino gaming.

Choose The Best Sites

Before you start playing, you need to research the casino website. Check out the payout rate, the bonuses, the speed of the payout, and the company’s reliability. You also want to make sure the website works with all of your devices and gives you the speed you deserve. You want to make sure the casino you spend your money and time on is the best out there so it is well worth the 15 minutes it will take to find out which is the best online casino in New Zealand. So read up about the different casinos before you make a deposit.

The Game with The Low House Edge

Be sure to take some time out to find the casino games with a low house edge per bet. This edge measures how the casino pays its players relative to the true odds a live casino would pay.

Let’s say we play craps. There is a simple one-roll bet, and these bets are known to offer a higher house edge than the pass line positions. So let’s say you are home for a hard 10, meaning you want a five and a five. Now that bet pays 30:1, but it only occurs once in thirty-six times. What does this win percentage mean? It means the casino pays out less than what the bet is worth, which is how the casino makes money.

Don’t Try to Make a Loss a Win

Sometimes you are just on a downward trend from the very beginning of the gameplay. This trend can happen, and it is normal. Please don’t get angry and try to get it all back as quickly as possible by making larger wages or taking more risks. When this happens, other players will notice and take advantage of your anxiety. Accept the loss and walk away when you are on a losing streak.

Look for Bonuses

Don’t miss out on taking advantage of those free bonuses. Online casinos can give you an incentive to gamble, so look out for those bonuses. There are many types of bonuses available, and they change regularly. Even so, the most common bonus is the signup bonus that gives you free credit for signing up with a casino.

A welcome bonus for new gamblers comes in the form of free credit when first playing. Often casinos will top off accounts with a certain bonus amount when a player deposits a specific amount. Some casinos also offer the no deposit bonus, which gives a gambler credit, notwithstanding the amount they deposit. Then, gamblers get a free bonus when they make a certain spin on a slot machine. These bonus amounts also vary depending on the game and the spin. Some casinos also give bonuses for referring a friend and inviting them to play at the casino. This type of bonus comes in the form of free spins.

Loyalty bonuses are also available, and casinos give them out periodically for playing with them for a certain amount of time. The bonus combination is essential, and you want to check them out with a casino before you deposit money with them. Just be sure to check the rules with regards to a casino’s bonus structure.

Casino Game Strategies

Games like poker, blackjack and other games of strategy make players play against each other. Smarter players have learned the rules and can manage their bets, make better bets, and tend to win games. When it comes to strategy games, you never have enough information.

Stick to Your Budget

Online casinos give players many ways to improve their gameplay. On the websites, there is everything from good game guides in both written and video formats. Players also have free-play versions of games where you use play money bets. There are also tournaments, multi-reel slots, and other options for great gameplay. Set winning and losing limits per session and stick to them. Setting a budget, you remain in your comfort zone and don’t gamble away all of your money.

Don’t Drink

If you are playing for real money, you need all of your senses. Remain alert and don’t drink so you can make good betting decisions.

Choose Games that Fit Your Personality

Look for slot games you like and don’t choose a game simply because of its huge jackpot. Often you can get more winnings with frequent small wins. Know that three-reel games place more emphasis on high jackpots but have higher losing spins. These games give you more opportunities to win big but can also mean you lose small amounts fast. Video slots with pick’em bonus options where you touch the screen to pick a box, a dish or a creature have lots of bonuses. These small wins can extend your play but give you fewer chances of hitting a high jackpot.

Start Small

Start with small bets and work your way up when you start winning. This will increase your chances of winning big time.

Quit While Winning

One of the hardest things to do is quit while you are on a winning streak. Often for new players, it is just too tempting to continue betting and hoping that you will win big. This mistake is one of the biggest pitfalls new players run into, and it is where they are more likely to lose all their winnings and more. Set a budget and stick with it, even if you have more than your budgeted amount.

Some Responsible Gambling Tips that Will Keep You Safe While Having Fun

For most of our lives, we have known gambling to be of a vicious industry that only ruins lives. We have grown up with the notion that nothing good can ever be elicited from gambling, and once an individual develops it into a habit, there is no breaking the loop. Let us start by refuting all the stated arguments. Gambling can be addictive, and one can develop it into a habit. However, it is not something that cannot be managed. And neither is it an activity that portends doom. It is time to put things into perspective. There are ways to gamble responsibly and have fun simultaneously. Society tends to look at the dark side of the moon, more often than not. However, that is not the ideal way of living life. We need to learn to look at all the dimensions to a story to be better able to make decisions. That said, we shall now have a look at a few effective ways to gamble responsibly, so that you do not have to settle on having fun, or blow up your savings in the meantime.

Gamble for Fun; Not to Make Money:

The only way you can develop gambling into a sort of habit is when you start considering it as a source of income. And here is where you need to know that gambling is an activity that must be indulged in for fun. You cannot depend on it to make a living. You might be leading yourself into complications of various sorts if you start gambling with the only motive of making money. Keep it light. Have fun with the domain.


Never Chase Your Losses:

Chasing your losses is never a good idea. It might seem like a brilliant idea in the heat of the moment. But think things through before deciding on chasing your losses. You might only end up making horrible decisions and playing your worst hand. This, therefore, shall lead you to lose more. And that is why chasing losses is never a good idea. Do not be disheartened if you happen to lose. Walk away in grace, and you shall never regret it.


Have Good Bankroll Management Skills:

Managing finances requires some sort of skill. You need to be able to differentiate between your need and luxuries. Gambling is not a need. Therefore, learn to manage your money while gambling. Do not go beyond your budget, and everything shall be in place. Always try to keep a minimum amount allotted for your gambling endeavors and do not go beyond the limit. Decent bankroll management is the best practice you can adopt.

Stay away from the State of Inebriation while Gambling:

The final tip we would want to leave you with is that of avoiding being inebriated while gambling. Drinking while gambling might be fun. And there is no harm in consuming a bit of alcohol too. However, you must be careful not to lose control over yourself. Being inebriated might impair your judgments and compromise your decision-making skills. Therefore, be careful to calibrate your alcohol intake, even if you do not want to quit the habit altogether. This shall keep you from making horrendous decisions.

Some Great Casino Games for Beginners

There are a lot of casino games to choose from, and that can be very daunting to a beginner, so in this article, I will go over some of the best games for you to start on. In this list, I will also give a brief rundown on how to play each game as well as what kind of opposition you will be facing in said game. So what makes a game great for beginners in comparison to other games? Well, the metrics that I will be using for this list will be as follows: ease of access (How available is this game?), how steep is the learning curve?, and what is the skill ceiling of this game? Using these metrics here are all of my casino games for beginners.


The reason that slots are the first one on this list would have to be because it is by far the easiest. All that you have to do in this game is to choose what your bet is going to be, then you just have to spin the wheel. That sums up the game and how it’s played. It is available at every single casino in the world and is an entirely luck-based game, this makes it a perfect game for a beginner because no amount of skill will improve your odds. What this means for the beginner, is that you have the same odds of winning as a “pro”. This is the one game on the list that I actually recommend the least (Think of it as number 5 in a top-five list, even though these aren’t in any particular order) and the reason for this is no matter how much you play you will never “improve” at this game. Something like that can be disheartening to beginners

Video poker

The reason that video poker is on the list and normal poker isn’t is because of the lack of people in video poker. In normal poker, you would be playing a draw five style game against any number of more highly skilled opponents, meanwhile, video poker has you just competing with yourself to see how good of a hand that you can get. The better that the hand is, then the better that the winnings will be. This just like slots can be found at virtually any casino in the world, has next to no barrier of entry, and has you competing against just yourself. For all these reasons I have chosen to recommend video poker as one of the best games for beginners.


Blackjack is on this list because it is yet another extremely easy game to win without much experience. There is also a very low house advantage (This is the casino profit expressed as a percentage of the player’s original bet) which will also be working in your favour. The rules of this game are simple, as you attempt to beat the dealer by getting a count as close to 21 as possible, without going over 21. This makes the game all about risk-taking and how close you are trying to cut it. The game is also played just about everywhere just like the other games on this list so far, plus it is another game where it is just you versus the odds. In my honest opinion, this is the game that I would most highly recommend to newer players since even a child can grasp the rules and the stakes are in your favour. A fun fact about this game, it is just as commonly known as 21 as it is by its official name.


Roulette is a staple in the casino scene and for all the right reasons, you can play this game with a lot of experience or with next to no experience. We have all seen roulette tables or roulette being played in the movies or some advertisements of local casinos, but you may not know how to play the game. The game starts with the players making bets based on where the ball will land (Bets are placed on what number, section or colour the ball will land on), then the dealer spins the wheel. While the wheel is spinning, he drops the roulette ball in and will wait a moment before calling out: “No more bets.”. If you had bet correctly where the ball would land then you win, if not then you lose. It is a very simple game that is like slots in that it is something that you can’t really get better at but is entirely based on lady luck.


This game is by far the most complex of the games on this list, because of this I recommend you research the rules before you play. You can also find this game in just about any casino in the world and will have no shortage of people to play the game with. As for the learning curve, the only thing that you might have problems with is an initial understanding of the rules but besides that, it is all very simple and geared in your favour.

In conclusion

There are a lot of games for you to play when you go to a casino, so I hope that this list helps you or any beginner that may be going with you on your next casino visit.