Gambling Portray

Popular Paintings Portraying Gambling

The unique activity of gambling has been showcased through several platforms that manage to capture the true meaning of the process. Be it movies or songs; you will come across aspects that display gambling. However, have you come across a painting of the same? Well, if you haven’t, then we are about to talk about some of the most famous paintings portraying gambling. So control your excitement and move ahead to read the following.

1. At the Roulette Table (Edvard Munch)

Edvard Munch was known for his famous works that always managed to capture the essence of a particular subject or topic. During his stay in Niece, he regularly visited a casino in Monte Carlo and became familiar with gambling. As a result, he painted “At the Roulette Table,” which includes several individuals in and around the roulette table. Since the painting manages to take hold of everything, one does not require a descriptive explanation.

2. The Cardsharps (Caravaggio)

The Cardsharps is a unique depiction of gambling that also talks about how the activity was played at the time. As a creative artist, Caravaggio went on to showcase the same with the right sense of realism and make matters look spectacular. Moreover, the painting is known to be special as it was his first independent creation after leaving the workshop of Cavaliere Giuseppe Cesari d’Arpino.

3. Dogs Playing Poker (Cassius Marcellus Coolidge)

A painting depicting dogs playing poker might not grab a lot of attention, but with an artist like Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, things are bound to get interesting. He also creates around eight variations of the painting, which went on to receive numerous reproductions over time. Thanks to that, Coolidge rightfully earned the title of being “the most famous American artist you’ve never heard of.”



4. Slot Machine Queen (Shelly Wilkerson)

“Slot Machine Queen” might be the least known painting out of the list since not many are aware of it. Artist Shelly Wilkerson created the work through bright colours and moves ahead to portray women playing slots. While many came forward to classify the same as bad art, others accepted it for all that it portrayed. As a result, people who were aware of the painting were divided in their opinion of the same.

Shelly Wilkerson

5. Card Players (Paul Cezanne)

French painter Paul Cezanne painted his series of “Card Players” by ensuring that each one was similar to the other but with various sizes. The paintings stood to portray characters that seemed to be peasants. Since it is clear from the painting, their daily activity was gambling, and did the same at a bar. But before creating the series, Cezanne initially made a lot of sketches and painted many portraits.