Three Card Poker:

Casino Games that Have the Lowest House Edge

People who frequent the casinos will know the variety of games that these entertainment houses have. Some of the casino games are known to have a considerably high house edge that leaves the players with little room to win. However, some of the other casino games have a very low house edge. These are the games where the players can win and maximize their profits. And the trick is to identify these casino games and make the most out of them. Gambling amateurs might find it difficult to differentiate between the games that have a high house edge from the ones that do not. And that is why we have this article that shall help the interested people to learn of those games. One trick to make the most out of your gambling endeavors and win more rounds is by playing the games with the lowest house edge. Let us, therefore, look into these games and understand the house edge that will help us navigate through the risks conveniently.



Backgammon is known to have a house edge ranging from 6.39 per cent to 4.82 per cent. Credible sources and gambling experts say that this is a pretty low house edge. Backgammon is the oldest casino game and involves a lot of dice movements. Ones who have played casino games for quite some time will know that you can call your desired shots by adjusting hand movements while throwing your dice. And this is probably one reason why Backgammon is known to have a low house edge.

Roulette (the Single Zero version):

The next on our list is Roulette. Roulette is a game that involves spinning the wheels, and therefore, you might think that there is very little that you can do to tweak your chances. However, that is not the case, not in the least bit. The single zero version of the game puts the player at an advantageous position. This makes the game a popular choice among many gamblers. The house edge is 2.5 per cent, which is very low. Therefore, while choosing to play Roulette, always opt for the single zero version.



Slots is a classic casino game that also happens to be the favorite of most of the gamblers. The house edge ranges from 2 per cent to 10 per cent, which is a wide berth. There is ample room to maximize your profits and make easy money while trying your hands at the slots. Plus, some of these casinos also have progressive jackpots which ensure that you do not leave the floors without winning anything. Try your luck in slots the next time you visit a casino.

Finally, Three Card Poker:

Three Card Poker is perhaps the only casino game that has the lowest house edge. It is an interesting game that involves the use of three cards each time (which is quite distinguishable from the name). The game follows the basic Poker rule, and the payouts differ with the cards dealt. The house edge of the game is 1.5 per cent, which is, as we already stated, the lowest on our list of casino games. Three Card Poker is fun, entertaining and involves a lot of speed which makes it a popular choice among the players.