Quintessential Artworks

Quintessential Artworks Inspired by Gambling

Gambling has always assumed the stature of a safe haven for the innovative minds – history in itself bears testimony to gambling being the cornerstone of artistic ideas for these creative minds. You are under a fallacious notion if you believe that magnificent artworks dawn through divine mastery. This is because your subjects can be prosaic as gambling.

However, the aesthetic works that follow are what confers a celestial status to the world of gambling. The inception of a melange of striking masterpieces since the 15th century shaped the prolific gambling world. The afflatus of a gambling enchantress can be traced back to the paintings in 1467 titled The Crucifixion to the contemporary paradigm collection of The Card Players.

Dogs Playing Poker by Coolidge

This sensational painting was created by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge in the 19th century. This artwork brings to life dogs captivated in a game of poker. This masterpiece was crafted by the harmonious blend of 18 paintings. Ultimately, this portrait was sold for a colossal price of $658,000 in 2015 at a New York auction.

The genesis of these paintings was the creative mind of Brown & Bigelow. This was a publishing company that advertised cigars, for which they deployed a portrait of dogs playing a game of poker smoking a cigar. This endowed the painting with phenomenal attention in numerous TV shows and films. At the same time, some view this painting with a critical lens – a satire on the aristocrats.

The Cardsharps by Caravaggio

The Cardsharps by Caravaggio

This prodigious portrait was fashioned by Merisi da Caravaggio in the 16th century. This painting accelerates the observer an exclusive peek into the world of gambling of yesteryear. This art depicts a group of youths enthralled in a game of cards. The portrayal is that of an older man glancing at the hand of a player and revealing the odds to the other young player who is drawing an extra card.

This piece is an ingenious blend of artistic prowess and gambling. Here we explore the beauty of art with the evolution from a circadian event to a captivating chronicle encapsulating creative brilliance.

 At the Roulette Table

 At the Roulette Table

This exceptional artwork depicts the artistic mastery of the celebrated painting titled Scream, and this veteran artist is Edvard Munch. The inspiration for this portrait was from his frequent visits to the famous casino in Monte Carlo, crafting his masterpiece, mirroring his memories at the casino. As he embarked on an exploit to unravel his exclusive style, this painting dawned as an amalgamation of varied styles.