Some Great Casino Games for Beginners

There are a lot of casino games to choose from, and that can be very daunting to a beginner, so in this article, I will go over some of the best games for you to start on. In this list, I will also give a brief rundown on how to play each game as well as what kind of opposition you will be facing in said game. So what makes a game great for beginners in comparison to other games? Well, the metrics that I will be using for this list will be as follows: ease of access (How available is this game?), how steep is the learning curve?, and what is the skill ceiling of this game? Using these metrics here are all of my casino games for beginners.


The reason that slots are the first one on this list would have to be because it is by far the easiest. All that you have to do in this game is to choose what your bet is going to be, then you just have to spin the wheel. That sums up the game and how it’s played. It is available at every single casino in the world and is an entirely luck-based game, this makes it a perfect game for a beginner because no amount of skill will improve your odds. What this means for the beginner, is that you have the same odds of winning as a “pro”. This is the one game on the list that I actually recommend the least (Think of it as number 5 in a top-five list, even though these aren’t in any particular order) and the reason for this is no matter how much you play you will never “improve” at this game. Something like that can be disheartening to beginners

Video poker

The reason that video poker is on the list and normal poker isn’t is because of the lack of people in video poker. In normal poker, you would be playing a draw five style game against any number of more highly skilled opponents, meanwhile, video poker has you just competing with yourself to see how good of a hand that you can get. The better that the hand is, then the better that the winnings will be. This just like slots can be found at virtually any casino in the world, has next to no barrier of entry, and has you competing against just yourself. For all these reasons I have chosen to recommend video poker as one of the best games for beginners.


Blackjack is on this list because it is yet another extremely easy game to win without much experience. There is also a very low house advantage (This is the casino profit expressed as a percentage of the player’s original bet) which will also be working in your favour. The rules of this game are simple, as you attempt to beat the dealer by getting a count as close to 21 as possible, without going over 21. This makes the game all about risk-taking and how close you are trying to cut it. The game is also played just about everywhere just like the other games on this list so far, plus it is another game where it is just you versus the odds. In my honest opinion, this is the game that I would most highly recommend to newer players since even a child can grasp the rules and the stakes are in your favour. A fun fact about this game, it is just as commonly known as 21 as it is by its official name.


Roulette is a staple in the casino scene and for all the right reasons, you can play this game with a lot of experience or with next to no experience. We have all seen roulette tables or roulette being played in the movies or some advertisements of local casinos, but you may not know how to play the game. The game starts with the players making bets based on where the ball will land (Bets are placed on what number, section or colour the ball will land on), then the dealer spins the wheel. While the wheel is spinning, he drops the roulette ball in and will wait a moment before calling out: “No more bets.”. If you had bet correctly where the ball would land then you win, if not then you lose. It is a very simple game that is like slots in that it is something that you can’t really get better at but is entirely based on lady luck.


This game is by far the most complex of the games on this list, because of this I recommend you research the rules before you play. You can also find this game in just about any casino in the world and will have no shortage of people to play the game with. As for the learning curve, the only thing that you might have problems with is an initial understanding of the rules but besides that, it is all very simple and geared in your favour.

In conclusion

There are a lot of games for you to play when you go to a casino, so I hope that this list helps you or any beginner that may be going with you on your next casino visit.