Dogs Playing Poker - Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

Top 3 Gambling Inspired Painting by Famous Artists

You might wonder that just like writing a novel, you might need that voice from the inner self and above heaven built creative inspiration. But, you are wrong; you can get inspired by anything and everything around you to create the beauty of art. In this article, we will be discussing how gambling inspired art is born. How is it relevant at present? And some of the famous paintings that go inspired by the art of gambling and casinos. We all know that gambling is a sport and is enjoyed by many people around the world. There are players out there who love to look into the betters’ life, get inspired, and even portray that into painting. At present, not even the gambling, but the gambling themed painting is also embraced by the gambling society. Without much ado, let us go right into the article.

Man in a String Chair – Lucien Freud

Lucien Freud

The painting is known as the greatest and the most amazing work by Lucien Freud dating back to the 20th Century. For those who don’t know the artist is very well renowned for his work, a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that dates back to 2001. He was very picky about his painting and was a fervent gambler. It is said that he only painted the people he knew. Even before he started his renowned position as the painter, he was a gambler. Maybe that is when he got inspired and made the masterpiece, Man in a String Chair. Since he was an ardent gambler, he came in contact with many significant gamblers and bookies. There were even some who had posed for his painting. The person depicted in Man in a String Chair is Victor Chandler and is known as one of the unique work of the artist. Believe it or not, the painting was sold for £4 million!

The Card Players – Cézanne

The second one on the list is none other than The Card Players.  Cézanne is not only known as a perfect artist but also very famous for his painting in the modern scenario. During his last stages of painting, he preferred sitting alone in a room and painting instead of mingling with others. Most of his works were teased, mocked, and even stereotyped. It was only the younger generation who started embracing the work of art. The Card Painting is known as the series of paintings having five such paintings. It completed the work of this series within the years 1890 to 1895 precisely. The most amazing part of the painting is that there are no depictions of gamblers and other table games in the picture. He wanted to portray that one can enjoy the spirit of gambling even without participating stakes of any form.

The Card Players – Cézanne

Dogs Playing Poker – Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

The last one on the list is the famous and yet the most prominent one, Dogs Playing Poker – Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. He is known to have painted some of the most amazing gambling inspired work. Even though the topic is just one, the painting is a series of 18 paintings. Dogs Playing Poker is his commissioned work where he worked for Brown & Bigelow. The series of paintings include, Dogs playing poker and reading the mail. It was one series called Friend in need that is mistreated as Dogs Playing Poker.